Track your orders, manage your payments and serve your customers faster with a system from Alpha EPOS. With features like Online Ordering and Pay At The Table you’ll find our systems are a piece of cake to implement within your business.


Speedy service – Our system is optimised for efficient use and minimal key touches to keep sales flowing and staff happy, all while reducing mistakes.

Ease of use – Intuitive and intelligent, the full Alpha ecosystem is designed to be easily operated by everyone, with minimal staff training.

Table management – Incorporate a large, graphical table plan with multiple levels, perfect if your restaurant has separate floors or areas. (image tableplan.jpg)

Handheld Ordering – Take orders on any Tablet, IOS or Android device, reduce mistakes and speed up service. Orders are delivered straight from their hand-held device to the kitchen and bar.

Pay At Table – Take payment for orders directly onto your EPOS System from your Credit Card Terminal, Print Bills, Split Bills, Process Payments, Print or Email Receipts and Close Tables from your Credit Card Terminal.

Kitchen Printing / Kitchen Displays – Transform the way food and drink orders are processed with Kitchen Printing or Kitchen Display Screens. From starters through to dessert, customer orders are organised neatly and clearly.

Online Ordering – raise the profile of your business by having your very own online ordering app on the Google Play Store and the App store. An app gives your business a professional look and your customers an enhanced user experience.

Cloud Back Office – Gain real-time insight into your business performance and reporting with our powerful cloud-based Back Office software. Have complete control of stock, staff, menus, pricing, sales, reporting and historical data at your fingertips, from any device.

Time and attendance – Keep a reliable, accurate record of your staff time and attendance by utilising the clock in/out functionality, making payroll a breeze.

Gift Vouchers – Create gift vouchers of any value integrated with your EPOS system, Vouchers can be sold online as well as inhouse.

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Selected Case Study

Nancy’s Barn

Nancy’s Barn is a quirky and innovative restaurant/bistro housed in an authentic 19th century converted barn. We have a well-deserved reputation for serving a wide range of delicious treats, all

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